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Cosmetic dentistry abroad

As cosmetic dentistry becomes ever more popular, the  demand for this treatments has increased, and  as with all things,When there’s a greater demand, the price rises to accommodate. A good dentist Is often hard to find, however,  a good dentist who  is able to perform good cosmetic dentistry, is even harder to find at a reasonable price.

Dental patients have more options available to them with the use-of  modern technology and having more information and  resources available, patients are now starting to do their own research, which means they can find good cosmetic dentistry at considerably  lower rates In different countries. With cheaper travelling costs and distant borders becoming seemingly closer due to cheaper air line tickets,  the question begs,  why are so many consumers opting for Cosmetic procedures abroad? There have always been medical migrants especially within the EU, and Europe, where patients will temporarily move to another country to seek better or free health care that they may not be privy to in thier home country.

We are now seeing greater demand for dental treatments that go beyond the realm of necessity, 20 years ago cosmetic procedures were primarily for individuals who could afford to pay for expensive treatments that were for purely cosmetic reasons,  or  those who  suffer from  Severe dental abnormalities.

In recent times there has been a rise in individuals opting for dental holidays, whereby a patient travels to a different or neighbouring  country in most circumstances to under go cheaper treatment, however unlike medical migrants, patients will spend anywhere from a week, to two weeks on dental  holidays to get competitive price advantages on dental treatments.If Patients are willing to travel abroad to get cheaper dental treatment, does cheaper mean better? can patients be assured that the quality of the treatment is the same as it would be in the home country, can patients be assured that the health and safety and hygiene regulations are the same? Lets take a  closer look at some of the steps you can take to reduce the risk.

Do your research 

Gather as much information as possible about the treatment, ensuring that you are comfortable with the procedure and that you have the correct expectations set. It’s also very important that you check the qualifications and the skill set for your dentist or doctor, not only is important that you check the Dentists qualifications, it’s vital to check the supporting medical supervising staff also have the relevant qualifications, it’s important that both are checked thoroughly and  the necessary checks are completed with the equivalent of the Dental Council or Dental Association.


Prior to any treatment you should also discuss with your own dental practitioner If the risks of travelling abroad out weigh the  benefits. There is no point in jeopardising your health and safety In order to cut costs, have a frank and open discussion with your own dentist prior to travelling abroad.If your dentist feels that it is appropriate for you to  travel abroad,You should also ensure that a full consultation is provided by the Dental practice abroad, It’s important that you feel confident and  comfortable and you’re fully aware of what the procedures will entail.


You might find yourself in a country where they do not speak your native language,It’s important to be fully prepared for such events and to ensure that your medical records and dental records have been fully translated in order not to miss any important allergy advice or risks, it’s also important to ensure that you have a suitable translator if your dentist doesn’t speak the language the translator maybe able to assist by asking and answering questions on your behalf

After Care

Complications can occur when dental procedures are undertaken, even if the procedure is performed in your own country, make sure the after  care is suitable ,consider the implications of the particular treatment not going to plan, have you made sufficient provisions to ensure that you get the correct after-care, and have you considered what the recovery period will be, if any. In some cases you may be required to make multiple visits back to the dental practice, and if this is so,  this may extend your overall visit as well as the costs involved.


Although you actually are on holiday, you may need to consider if you require more than your general holiday insurance, as you’ll be undergoing dental procedures It’s vital to be fully aware in advance that your holiday insurance covers you for any unforeseen turns  of events.  Should something go wrong Is your holiday insurance  adequate? Especially as you have opted to undergo treatment abroad.  Speak with your insurance company to make sure that there aren’t any hidden caveats that may invalidate any claims.

By considering these factors  above you may be able to have a  Complication free Dental holiday abroad, while reducing your overall costs, However  it is very important that you undertake A robust strategy for  your research.

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